Dr. Heather Brown
Executive Director

Dr. Heather Brown is the Executive Director of the Women + Girls Research Alliance at University of North Carolina-Charlotte. Her research focuses on the intersections between weight and learning in women as well as on the ethics and practice of research with stigmatized populations. Her professional experiences encompass significant work with writing, editing, and publishing. While the majority of her career has been as a grant writer/editor, during which she facilitated more than $20...

Brooke Palmer
Research Communications Coordinator, Graduate Research Assistant

Brooke Palmer, a Graduate Research Assistant for W+GRA, is originally from Iowa and attended University of Iowa for undergrad majoring in Psychology and Spanish.  She lived abroad in Chile for a year and a half before completing a Master’s degree in Spanish at Florida Atlantic University.  Brooke is a 5th year student in the clinical concentration of the Health Psychology Doctoral Program and currently serves as the lab coordinator.  Her research interests include cultural...

Eren Telimen
UPIP Social Media Intern

Eren Telimen is the UPIP Social Media intern for W+GRA. She is a junior computer science major with a concentration in digital media. She also is president of the president of the Turkish Student Association at UNC Charlotte. She enjoys playing the drums, drawing, painting, 3d modeling, animation, video editing, and graphic design.

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Maria Lignos
Graduate Research Assistant

Maria Lignos is a Graduate Research Assistant for W+GRA. Her research focuses on race, gender, and the effects of segregation in the education system, particularly Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. Working on a Masters in English, her other areas of research include African American literature of the nineteenth century, specifically narrative studies, African American women’s writing, and multicultural literature.

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Morgan Flitt
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Morgan Flitt is pursuing a double major in business management and sociology along with a minor in urban youth and communities. She is interested in many of the systemic issues involving women and has been excited to work on improving these issues. After graduation, Morgan hopes to pursue a career in the nonprofit field, carrying her love of social justice and the arts into her next step. Morgan is working to launch the W+GRA podcast: On, Women.

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Nadia Jafari
Graduate Research Assistant

Nadia Jafari is a 5th year doctoral student in the Health Psychology program with a research focus in social media, body image, and eating disorders. Clinically, she works with women of all ages in recovery from an eating disorder. She earned a B.A in Psychology from Stony Brook University in 2012 and an M.A. in Health Psychology in 2016 from UNC Charlotte.

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